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Seller Terms & Condition

Terms & Conditions for Sellers

This electronic document defines terms & conditions in accordance with the Information Technology Act, 2000. This electronic record is computer generated, and hence does not require any physical or digital signature.

This electronic record is published according to the provisions of Rule 3(1) of Information Technology Rules , 2011 and is available on the website of Shops Basket. The website of Shops Basket is owned by Seloria Technology Pvt. Ltd., having its registered office at RR-21, S/F, Mianwali Nagar, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110087 (INDIA).

For the purpose of selling any product via our platform, one has to register himself/herself as a “seller” on our platform. The intended seller has to provide the registration data as required by Shops Basket.

As a seller, your use of our platform is governed by certain terms and conditions that are defined on the platform. If you register as a seller on the platform, you will be subject to those terms and conditions, for doing any business on the platform. These terms and conditions constitute policies that are binding on every seller on the platform.

When you agree to sell using our platform, you will have to respect the policies, rules and terms and conditions as defined by the platform. We reserve the rights to change or modify these policies and terms and conditions at any time.  In case of any change, you will be notified and updated about it through any mode of communication. When you continue using the platform following changes in the policies, it means you agree to the revised terms and conditions. Your acceptance of our terms and conditions and use of the platform is non-exclusive and non-transferable.

Your access and use of the platform indicates that you give consent to the terms and conditions as defined by Shops Basket. By accepting the terms and conditions, you accept to respect all Shops Basket policies and as modified, from time to time.

Seller Eligibility

The platform is available for selling products to those individuals who can form contracts in accordance with the Indian Contract Act, 1872. Anyone, who is not competent to form a contract as per the Contract Act, 1872, will be debarred from using the platform as a seller. Anyone who is minor or under the age of 18 (eighteen) years or declared insolvent, according to the Indian law, is not eligible to use the platform.  Shops Basket reserves the right to terminate your contract as a seller, if it is discovered that you are under age. If you register your business entity, you make sure that you are authorized to carry out business on behalf of the said business entity.

Obligations to Registration

As a registered seller on the platform, it’s your responsibility to provide us with all details as required or asked from time to time. You will maintain confidentiality of the information and will not share your login details and other confidential information with anybody else.  If we find that your details are inaccurate, not up-to-date or misleading, we reserve the right of terminating your account and blocking you from accessing the website and its services.

Use of the Platform

This platform allows registered sellers to utilize its services and features to showcase and advertising their products for generating online sales. Sellers can interact online with buyers through the platform in order to execute sales. Shops Basket cannot be held responsible if a dispute arises between buyers and sellers in the course of online transactions happening between them.

All financial terms, including price, shipping cost, taxes, after-sale service etc may vary from seller to seller, and Shops Basket has no control over them. Buyers are requested to check all these details before doing any business with an individual seller.

Shops Basket does not offer any guarantee related to the quality, durability and value of the product as advertised by an individual seller. We do not endorse any item offered by the seller and cannot be held responsible for any error or if the product does not meet a buyer’s satisfaction.

Shops Basket is not responsible if a buyer does not get the results from a product as claimed by a seller. In case of any dispute between a buyer and a seller, Shops Basket will not be a party of any such dispute.

The products showcased on the platform by a seller are never in possession of Shops Basket.  Thus, we don’t have an idea about the look and feel of the product that a seller might be trying to sell to our users on the platform.

Our platform facilitates online transactions between sellers and buyers. The platform can be used for carrying out a two-way communication for doing any business in an informed and convincing manner. Even if any dispute arises, it is solely between a seller and a buyer. Shops Basket has no role in it.

A seller, however, is requested to use the platform under these strict guidelines:

  1. You should display products that are owned by you, or you have the rights of selling those items.
  2. The images uploaded on our website are clear, of good quality and free from copyrights.
  3. While advertising your products, you will not use any derogatory, obscene, defamatory, sexually explicit, blasphemous or type of content that will hurt the sentiments of individuals or communities.
  4. Any item that promotes unlawful activities is debarred from selling on the platform, which may include arms, ammunition, contrabands and other generally prohibited items by the Indian law.
  5. Your claims related to your product should not be false or misleading.
  6. You should not be engaged in sending unsolicited emails or spam emails in an attempt to increase your sales.
  7. You are prohibited from selling pirated computer software, games and other such items on our platform.
  8. You are not allowed to sell copyrighted works of other person(s) on the platform.
  9. You should not infringe into any patent, trademark or proprietary rights.
  10. You should not copy any product or impersonate any person in order to generate sales.
  11. Your product should not be infected with a virus, malware, malicious program etc that can harm computer or devices of a user.
  12. You should not attempt to gain an access to any section of the platform in an unauthorized manner that you are not allowed to.


Tax Compliance

While doing business on Shops Basket, sellers have to fully comply with the provisions of Goods and Services Tax (GST). The products/services supplied by a seller should be under full compliance of the state and central governments.

A seller is responsible of charging the applicable goods and service taxes on goods/services supplied and remitting the same to the government. Shops Basket will not be responsible for any mismanagement of collection and remittance of the GST on a seller’s part.

As a registered seller on Shops Basket, you are required to pay all essential fees related to the use of the platform as well as applicable taxes, including GST and cess (if any).


Legal compliances

A seller has to ensure full compliance with the laws of the land. These legal compliances may include, but not limited to, applicable laws of FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India). The seller has to obtain all required permits and licenses in order to sell particular products.

If a seller wants to sell jewelry on Shops Basket, he or she has to provide the hallmark certificate as required by applicable laws. The seller will be solely responsible for ensuring hallmark related compliance, and Shops Basket cannot be held responsible in case of non-compliance in this regard. While selling jewelry, the seller may need to conduct a buyer’s KYC in accordance with the preventive measures of the anti-money laundering act. Shops Basket will not own any responsibility of conducting the KYC of a buyer.



Shops Basket will have the rights of auditing records of a registered seller. We may engage third-party agencies for checking records, stocks of the sellers. If any discrepancy or non-compliance with the policies is discovered, the business agreement with the seller will be a subject to reconsideration.


Breach of Agreement

In case of the breach of this agreement by a seller, we may restrict you from selling from our platform. We may remove your product/information and block your account. We reserve the right to temporarily or permanently suspending your account, as the case may be. You will not be allowed to access your account, if:

  1. If you breach our terms and conditions, privacy policy or other policies;
  2. If the information provided by you is inaccurate, misleading or could not be verified
  3. If your actions may cause legal liabilities for Shops Basket or other users

A seller suspended or denied access to our platform should not attempt to create a fresh account using new name or entity. Even if your account is suspended, you are responsible to pay all dues to the portal. In order to recover the pending amount from you, we reserve the rights of resorting to any legal action or proceedings.